Tuesday, April 24, 2012

List of all Facebook Smiley

List of all Facebook Smiley

We are using Facebook as a social networking and almost everybody like to do chat with friends. Some time we can express some emotion by some smiley likewise smile, cry, angel, kiss and even we can send heart symbol. In previous some posts I tried to give you some Big Chat Face SymbolAnother Big Chat Face Symbol , Colorful Facebook Text Code and Facebook Blank Status. In this post I am proving you a complete list of Facebook smiley codes. By using this smiley code you can impress to your friend and moreover you can completely express your expression which is not be possible in text or shortly express your expression. 

How to use this:

In your chat box just type the associate code, for example if you want to send  heart smiley type only <3 and hit enter. In this list some smiley has more then one code like confused you can use either o.O or O.o .

I hope it will help you while chatting. You can share this list for your friends so that they are also able to send you this smiley.

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